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Bart Pajak Photography Blog


just messing about

model: M

shot from a while back… 
model: Paige @ Lenis
mua: Martyna Parzniewska (
styling: Camilla Sverdrup-Thygeson

more from the story on the website 

Lately I was experimenting with light, long exposures and large format. This is the result.

Testing testing with @lukehutsonflynn1 #doubleexposure #exposure #canon #testing #creative #portraiture

James @ Oxygen

Martyna by me


©Bart Pajak 2014


©Bart Pajak

M getting ready for the last party of the year 2013.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year! #Christmas #card #selfie

One from my archive. Portrait of Nick. 

Perks of the job.

Backstage from the shoot last weekend.

Few moths ago…


We are sorry: 
Its been a while without posts here. We have been working hard to produce a lot of new content, new website… lots to do and hopefully lots of quality published work. Will be posting some stuff in about a week time.