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Advertising - again?!?! Nah just interesting app.

So, again I am going to write about the app. This time its for you Mac and for you Ipad. 

My life has been so disorganised before I found this app and I have to say MY LIFE HAS CHANGED. You know when you wake up in the morning and feel like “hmn… I think I supposed to do something today…” so I had this problem far too many times in my life so I decided to get an app and start writing things down. I searched App store. I wanted something I could use on my MacBook but when I get Ipad I can just sync it with it. So here it is: Opus Domini (there are two different versions lite and payed for). 
Apart looking great - it is leather bounded planner turned digital, it has lots of great little things making your life so much easier!

thats enough just download free version and test it then buy full version cause its worth it!
also available on App Store on your Mac.

Thats it, thats all